Terms & Conditions:

  • Cashback will be credited in form of swuso credits and can be used only on swuso.com.
  • Swuso Credits/Cashback cannot be withdrawn to bank accounts.
  • Swuso Credits/Cashback can be used in conjunction with vouchers/coupon codes.
  • Swuso Credits/Cashback will be credited as per product and not as per quantity.
  • Swuso Credits/Cashback cannot be topup on any request.
  • Swuso Credits/Cashback is non transferable to any other user
  • Swuso Credits/Cashback is one of swuso.com promotional offer swuso.com posses all the right to cancel, withdraw, deny or stop the offer of Swuso Credits/Cashback at any point of time.
  • In any dispute swuso.com and its management decision will be final.
Yes, one can use coupon code in conjunction with the cashback.
There is no requirement of coupon code. Just add product to the cart and go to checkout page to see the total cashback, the same amount will be added as cashback in swuso credits.
Yes, while making the payment cashback can be used to 100%.
To get the cashback thrice the amount you need to buy 3 different products (can be of same category). Buying same product in multiple quantity will not multiply the cashback/swuso credits.